IELTS Listening Strategy – 5 Steps to a Higher Score

IELTS Listening Strategy – 5 Steps to a Higher Score

In this IELTS listening strategy, I discuss 5 steps that you can take to improve your IELTS listening score: predicting the topic, finding keywords, listening for synonyms and antonyms, always staying focused, and previewing instead of reviewing.

Step 1: Predict the Topic

  • Use the title, content, & any pictures to guess the topic immediately.
  • This will help you to predict the kind of language that you will need.
  • Don’t worry if you don’t know much about the topic. Just get ready for related vocabulary.
IELTS Listening Strategy 5 Steps to a Higher Score
Look at the title and style of the test page to mentally prepare

Step 2: Find the Keywords in Each Question

  • Look for the most important words in each question.
  • Underline them, circle them, whatever you need to do.
  • Don’t forget about the answer choices for multiple choice.
Screen Shot 2019 02 06 at 12.08.49
In the IELTS listening test, highlighting key words can be very useful.

Step 3: Listen for Synonyms and Antonyms

  • The person speaking doesn’t always use the same words.
  • You need to listen for synonyms (different ways of saying the same word).
  • And also antonyms (saying the opposite).
Step 3: Listen for Synonyms and Antonyms
Listen for different ways to say numbers, for example.

Step 4: Always Stay Focused

  • There is no time on IELTS listening for you to lose focus.
  • Don’t worry if you miss a question. Focus on the next question.
  • Sometimes you may need to refocus. During these times, just take a deep breath and get back to it.

Step 5: Don’t Review. Preview!

  • The listening test gives you time to review your answers.
  • Instead of going back, focus on previewing the next questions.
  • Previewing will include reading the questions/answers and looking for the keywords.
That’s it for IELTS Listening Strategy!

If you follow these five strategies, your IELTS listening score will improve. They may seem simple, but IELTS listening strategy can be the difference between getting the score you need and missing it.



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